Sofia City Lozen Project

Lozen is a village close to Sofia city, situated in the Eastern  part of the Ring road, at the foot of Plana Mountain. The settlement has developed in recent years into a villa area of ​​Sofia. Especially convenient is the connection between Lozen and Sofia via the Trakia highway and Tsarigradsko shosse, which makes it possible to travel only within 15-20 minutes to the center of the metropolis. A drive to the newly-formed business center of the city is only about 10 minutes.
The project in Lozen consists of land of 107 732 sq.m., which is located in close proximity to one of the best private schools in Sofia – Anglo-American Academy.
It is planned to build a village of 95 single-family houses, 19 row houses, 3 public buildings, a park and a public parking lot.
Three more similar projects are developing in the same area. What distinguishes our project from the rest is the division of the land into 96 land plots, which gives more freedom to build and more independence for the future owners. The houses themselves should be medium-sized and budget-like.